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I've written about how I approach following people and publications here. This is primarily how I stay informed on things that are important to me.

I also have a podcast specific list here.

Below is an alphabetized list of people who write about wide variety of topics and who I regularly learn from. I've tried sorting them into their primary categories though many of them span several.


Some of them are publications but I generally prefer to follow people over publications.

I'm always looking for more people to follow. Please reach out if you have any suggestions!

Product and Technology:

  1. Alex Danco

  2. Andrew Chen

  3. Benedict Evans

  4. Bill Gates

  5. Eugune Wei (Remains of the Day)

  6. Ivan Kirigin

  7. James Vaughan

  8. Packy McCormick (Not Boring)

  9. Patrick Collison

  10. Patrick McKenzie

  11. Paul Graham

  12. Sam Altman

  13. Stratechery, by Ben Thompson

  14. Varadh Jain

  15. Napkin Math, by Adam Keesling

  16. Divinations, by Nathan Baschez

  17. Alex Danco

  18. The Interface by Casey Newton

  19. Popular Information by Judd Legum


  1. Adam Grant

  2. Dan Appleman

Economics and Politics:

  1. Anand Giridharadas

  2. Ann Applebaum

  3. The Atlantic

  4. Brookings

  5. CSIS

  6. Current Affairs

  7. Economist

  8. FiveThirtyEight

  9. Freakonomics

  10. Noah Smith

  11. Paul Krugman

  12. Planet Money

  13. Politico

  14. Robert Reich

  15. Tyler Cowen

  16. Zeynep Tufekci

  17. Persuasion on Substack

Local news (California / Bay Area), I need more individuals to follow here

  1. Scott Weiner

  2. Abundant Housing

  3. SF Gate

  4. SF Chronicle

  5. East Bay Times

  6. LA Times


  1. 1000 Word Philosophy

  2. Aeon

  3. Philosophize This, by Stephen West

  4. Sam Harris

  5. Scott Alexander (Slate Star Codex)

  6. Wait But Why

  7. What If?


  1. Hardcore History, by Dan Carlin

Social Impact (broadly):

  1. Our World In Data

Financial Inclusion:



Urban Planning:

  1. CityLab


  1. Pitchfork

I haven't picked a category for:

  1. Derek Sivers

  2. Devon Zuegel

  3. Farnam Street

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