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Here are my favorite podcasts:


  1. Philosophize This: Chronologically covers all of Western philosophy since the dawn of history. Covers some Eastern philosophy too but mostly Western

  2. Intelligence Squared: Could fit under other categories too, but I think of this as a debate-format podcast that takes a topic that's top of mind for society and dissects it to the root of the trade-offs at hand. They have a US-centric version and a separate Global version

  3. 80000 Hours: Podcast about how to make the best of your career (which is 80k hours long on average)

  4. Philosophy Bites: Small podcast lessons

Interviews / Conversations

  1. Making Sense with Sam Harris: Controversial to some, though IMO very thought-provoking and most of the episodes that I've heard are incredibly well-reasoned. You don't have to agree with every single thing he says to enjoy the podcast

  2. Tech and Society with Mark Zuckerberg: Short set of conversations between Zuck and industry-leading people in law, government, science, media, and more

  3. Conversations with Tyler: Tyler Cowen is an economist and the founder of Marginal Revolution. He interviews various interesting people from all professions and typically includes an economist's lens

  4. The Ezra Klein Show: Ezra Klein (founder of Vox) interviews various people. Usually about politics

  5. The Tim Ferriss Show: Tim Ferriss interviews various interesting people about all sorts of topics

  6. Conversations with Coleman: Coleman Hughes interviews people. Philosophy, history, etc.

  7. The Glenn Show: Glenn Loury interviews people. Academia, Journalism, Public Affairs, Econ, etc.


  1. Yang Speaks: Andrew Yang talks about various political issues

  2. LA Podcast: Covers Los Angeles issues and local politics

  3. FiveThirtyEight Elections Podcast: Analytical analysis of politics and elections

  4. The Weeds: Vox peeps get deep into policy issues

  5. 5 - 4: Leftist supreme court analysis podcast

  6. There Goes the Neighborhood: Podcast about gentrification in NY and LA

  7. More Perfect: From the Radiolab people, mini Series on the Supreme court


  1. Revolutions: Amazing series on different revolutions in world history

  2. The History of Rome: Complete history of the Roman Empire

  3. Nice White Parents: Goes into Education policy through the lens of history through a NY public school

  4. Hardcore History: Intense essentially audio book length podcasts on different historical periods

  5. Revisionist History: by Malcolm Gladwell

  6. At the Brink: History of nuclear weapons


  1. Planet Money: Short episodes on economics/business/etc.

  2. Freakonomics: Longer form episodes on economic concepts

News / Current Events:

  1. The Daily: NYTimes daily news


  1. Song Exploder: Shortform: Host interviews musicians on how they went about creating a song. They break it down to each instrument / layer, play those pieces and show how they come together to form the entire song

  2. Broken Record: Longform: Rick Rubin (famous producer, very experienced in the music industry) interviews musicians on their career, exploring a specific work of theirs, etc.

  3. Dissect: Entire seasons that each break down an all-time-favorite hip hop album

Storytelling / Culture:​

  1. Reply All: Reported fun pieces about technology, most episodes are like little mysteries

  2. Longform Podcast: Interview writers, one of the best interview shows, I don't listen to every episode but when they interview investigative reporters it is top notch

  3. Invisibilia: Amazing show that focuses on unique sciencey stories, hard to explain but highly recommend with high production value

  4. The Moth: Miscellaneous stories of everyday people's lives

  5. This American Life: Miscellaneous stories of everyday people's lives

  6. Serial: Murder mysteries

Science / Technology

  1. Science Vs: About taking subjects and seeing how they stack up against science

Startups / Business

  1. Stratechery: Reading out loud articles verbatim from

  2. Dithering: Ben Thompson's podcast as a part of the Stratechery subscription bundle

  3. Exponent: Ben Thompson's podcast before Stratechery that he still runs

  4. Startup: I generally don't love business related shows but this is really well done

  5. The Foundry: Investigative journalism style podcast about why companies failed. They have a series on WeWork so far

  6. Talk Therapy: Founders of the Everything Substack bundle talk about their process of creating their media company and other topics

  7. How I Built This: Guy Raz interviews entrepreneurs about their startups

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