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This is a list of the things I'm proud of from my work experience. Deep dives into my learnings, analyses of problem spaces I've worked within, and mistakes I've made along the way are here.

Relevant write-ups:

  1. A user manual for Hadar Dor

  2. Essays on product management and startups

  3. How I think about my career

Where I add the most value

  1. Product strategy

    • Achieving clarity on mission statement and user problems you're solving

    • Bringing structure and user-centricity into decision making

    • Developing OKRs and a product roadmap that solves real peoples' problems

  2. Growth strategy

    • I've led new user onboarding, early lifecycle, and retention​ initiatives at Lyft and Postmates

    • I've worked closely with peers driving acquisition and referrals, and know how they tie into a cohesive growth plan

  3. Marketplaces

    • Best from Lyft and Postmates to ensure a healthy marketplace

    • How to think through idiosyncrasies of marketplace products

  4. Trust, safety, and policy/regulation

    • I founded Lyft's product team focused on tech ethics and regulatory matters; every tech company should have a team like this​

    • I'm now leading elections/COVID Integrity at Facebook

  5. High-functioning teams

    1. Weekly ​tech team rituals; best tools and systems to maximize output and team satisfaction

  6. Product interviewing

    • Hiring strategy, org design, and vetting candidates for key roles

Key accomplishments and impact


  1. Chapter 2 (current): Helping merchants grow their customer bases (Shopify Audiences and more ad tech soon to come!)

  2. Chapter 1 (first year): Helped Shopify grow our merchant via the following. The culmination of these teams' projects grew the number of active merchants on Shopify by an incremental XXXk.

    • Merchant onboarding funnel optimization

    • Subscriptions pricing, tiering, and incentives

    • Tools to help merchants go from 0 to their first 10 sales (product-market fit validation, cross-channel selling, and store quality benchmarking)


  1. Leading a cross-functional team and several PMs to reduce harmful behaviors on Facebook and Instagram. Reduced prevalence of harm by 50% (billions of mitigated harmful impressions per month) related to Civic (primarily elections) and Health (primarily COVID-19). Most of this impact was accomplished prior to the USA 2020 election.

  2. Identifying novel harmful behaviors on the platform, driving alignment across myriad cross-functional stakeholders to define community policies disallowing that harm, and building new products to prevent those harmful behaviors

  3. Directly supporting two teams spanning 60 people across engineering, science, and operations. Also serving as a senior leader across the broader “Inauthentic Behavior” group including several additional teams


  1. $1 billion of financial impact across Driver onboarding and compliance risk reduction

  2. Founded new product and engineering effort focused on launching new Ridesharing modes

  3. Founded new product and engineering team focused on regulatory compliance and proactive government collaboration

  4. Revamped product strategy for Cancels Experience and Policy

  5. First ever international launch (Toronto)

  6. Massive safety improvements through background check reform

  7. Launched technical compliance platform; all rides pass this service to ensure legal eligibility

  8. Mentoring junior PMs and teammates across all functions

  9. Helped start Lyft's APM program and overhaul Lyft's PM interview process (I built the question writing and interview grading frameworks)

  10. Core committee member for cross-org social impact product strategy


  1. Grew Fleet 3x by optimizing signup flow, improving referrals, and launching a scooter rental pilot

  2. Improved Fleet retention by 20% by launching revamped online delivery flow and batched deliveries (like Uber Pool for deliveries) to improve earnings per hour

  3. Launched two new verticals: groceries and alcohol. These were the first two new areas Postmates delivered in other than food

  4. Implemented end-to-end instrumentation of Fleet apps/web signup (none when I joined); catalyzed experimentation culture in team

  1. Volunteered pro bono for a couple of months; learned a ton about non-profits and microfinance

  2. Worked with Harvard Behavioral Insights Group to run a field experiment on nudging Lenders' behavior to give more loans

  3. Kicked off experimentation framework for Lenders product area


  1. I know the pain of working on a startup from the beginning until an unsuccessful end  :)

  2. Joined as employee #10. Helped grow the company to 350 employees

  3. Started as Chief of Staff to the CEO when we raised our series A. Helped raise the next $130M over several years

  4. First Product Manager. Spent time on core search UI, ads, and ultimately Product Lead of the Consumer division

  5. Someday I'll write more about why Quixey failed. TL;DR: real macro problem worth solving, but strategy was too broad before establishing product-market fit and we ran into technical hurdles that required more developer buy-in than we had earned market pull for

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