I'm currently working full-time at Facebook on Civic and Health Integrity. I also regularly angel invest in and advice startups, and work with individuals as a coach on product, intervieing, and career. I always prefer a conversation before figuring out how I can be most helpful to you   :)

If you want to learn about what I've done so far in my career, go here.

If you want to learn about how I think about my career goals, go here.



I'm actively angel investing and am open to advising startups.


Broad areas I can help with are listed below; and more context on my experience is here.

  1. Marketplace dynamics (lessons from Lyft, Postmates, and Kiva.org)

  2. Growth strategy (especially new user onboarding)

  3. Product strategy (user-centricity, product principles, org design, and more)

  4. Developing a product roadmap and setting great OKRs/metrics for your team

  5. Building high-functioning teams (effective processes, weekly rituals, etc.)

  6. Regulatory compliance, public policy, trust and safety (lessons from founding Lyft's regulatory policy product team and working on Facebook Integrity)

  7. Product interviewing (hiring strategy, org design, vetting candidates for key roles)

Always happy to make intros, generally chat about problems you're thinking through, etc. Just reach out!



I offer PM interviewing mentorship as a service (book me on interviews.tech; I'm also on tryexponent.com), as well as offer negotiation, resume/LinkedIn/cover letter support, and general career coaching. Just reach out!

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