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What I'm doing next

Last updated November 2022.

This is similar to a "Now" page. I thought it'd be nice to also write about what I'm planning on doing next.


I'm working on being a better music appreciator and a better musician.

I bought Ableton and plan to learn how to produce music. I also brought my guitar and a microphone on this hiatus and intend to record music.

I have a lot of organizing to do with my music. I want to categorize the bands and albums I enjoy most by time period, what setting or mood they mix well with, etc.

I've wanted to explore DJing for a while and hope to make time for that alongside production. I've been maintaining a list of songs that I think would sound good mixed together to eventually play around with.


I have a couple ideas I'm playing around with for conveying ideas for which a podcast format might be most appropriate. Would also be fun to learn how to make content via that medium!

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