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Leaving Lyft and starting a career hiatus

I'm leaving Lyft on March 6th and have a one-way ticket out of the country on March 11th. I'll be taking a career hiatus to focus on (informally) learning more about economics/politics/philosophy and making music. I'll be writing, probably at, once I get situated.

Below is the letter I wrote to the team at Lyft about my departure:


Hey friends,

After 2.5 incredible years here, I’ve made the difficult decision to leave Lyft on March 6th.

I’ve long had the itch to take an indefinite career hiatus, and finally decided to do it. I’ll be moving abroad and will focus on several personal projects including informally continuing my education on economics and political theory; writing creative non-fiction; and making music.

My time here has been by far the most valuable learning experience of my career, and I’ve had more fun with you all than I thought could be possible at work. When I return from my hiatus, I can only hope to end up joining a community as wonderful as this one.

The coming years will be some of the most interesting times for labor this country will have seen in generations. I look forward to seeing us hold our Drivers as a top beneficiary and priority as we continue shaping their future.

Thank you Ben Lauzier, Mayank Gupta, George Wang, Archie Abrams, Jon Alferness, Dan Barak, Udi Milo, Preet Anand, Adi Rathnam, and Jody Kelman for your trust, and for being some of the best mentors I've had in my life so far.

It’s a small world and a smaller industry - we’ll definitely cross paths again. I’m excited for that :)

In the meantime, let me know any time if I can be helpful to you in any way.

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