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Problems I want to focus my career on

This is a big question that requires a big answer to do it justice. There's a lot that I intend to write about this, but for now to keep it simple:

  1. Number one long-term goal for my career is to work on products that:

    1. Are primarily centered around social impact (and incentives must be well-aligned to this end)

    2. Have potential to have broad reach

    3. Have potential to scale 10x beyond current status quo (I expect this would be more socially impactful than most marginal 10% opportunities)

  2. This leads me to be the most interested in the following areas (but not *yet* limited to):

    1. Economic empowerment / financial inclusion

    2. Education

    3. Healthcare​

    4. Housing

    5. Sustainability / Energy

    6. Food and Water

    7. Urban planning

    8. Mobility

    9. Civic engagement (how we stay informed, avoid misinformation, and organize)

    10. Regulation/redistribution that doesn't significantly slow down societally important technological progress

    11. Meta-enablement for a large swath of other people attempting to further the above causes is a cause worth furthering in its own right! One with broad and compounding returns

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