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Hadar Dor's User Manual

I made this in July 2020 when I started a new role as a PM at Facebook working on Community Integrity. It was a fun way to share with my new teammates how I think about career and work, and level-set on some of my default tendencies and self-perceived strengths vs weaknesses.

If you want to make your own, here's a template you can duplicate!


Hey, I’m Hadar! I’m a Product Manager in the Community Integrity org.

I made this doc as a quick intro to who I am, what I care about, and how I’m most used to working and communicating. Think of this as a cheat sheet to understand my values and default tendencies.

Who I am

  1. Pronouns: he / his / him

  2. Born in France. Grew up in the SF Bay Area. Parents grew up in Israel and came here for the tech scene

  3. Most intellectually curious about history, political philosophy, and economics

  4. Two biggest hobbies are music (I play guitar/drums/singing and used to go to a concert every week) and travel (35 countries so far!)


What I care about

  1. Working on problems that impact the whole world in a socially positive way and still have a long way to go (which is why I’m joining Integrity in particular!)

  2. Building and growing communities, socially and within organizations I’m a part of

  3. Learning more about how we all got here and where we’re all going next

  4. I wrote more about my career goals in detail here.


My values in the workplace

  1. The traits I value most in collaborators is similar to Boz’s list here. I plan to write up my own equivalent eventually  :)

  2. I’m here to help you. My goal is to be as empowering and supportive as I can be!

  3. I care a lot about doing “the socially right thing.” I also enjoy and value debate as a way to learn from each other. This means I’ll push and ask hard questions whenever it comes up

    • That said, I’m not at all attached to my own ideas, including on what is “socially right.” I want to understand your viewpoints, and will never hesitate to recant any “strong opinion weakly held” that I have

  4. Feedback makes the world go round. I most resonate with Radical Candor as a framework. I assume good intent by default and welcome all feedback on how we can better work together!

  5. I love sharing my learnings and mental models. Eg: wrote up product frameworks I use most


My working preferences and default tendencies (I want to know and accommodate yours too!)

  1. I tend to be direct in sharing my opinions / feedback. I also prefer getting direct feedback

  2. When discussing something I prefer to zoom out as much as possible first and then zoom back into the specifics throughout the conversation. Might be jarring if you like starting in the weeds

  3. Especially now with remote work, I often tend to do some non-work stuff in the daytime and some work stuff at night

    • I’m regardless always available for meetings during working hours

    • Please don’t feel pressured to respond quickly if you see something from me at night

  4. I am okay in meetings but really shine if I have time to read and write

    • I aim to be concise and direct in my writing so as to minimize time for you to process. I hope this doesn’t come off as curt - not my intention!

  5. I love chatting in person (or video nowadays) and getting to know teammates. I do think written comms are crucial though for posterity and for getting others involved

  6. Tell me the best way to communicate with you. Workplace Chat? Email? Text? Video call? Audio call? Only during certain times? Can do.

  7. I prefer meetings with clear agendas and won’t hesitate to ask if there is one beforehand

  8. I’m an over-communicator, if this doc isn’t already proof :)  Let me know if it’s ever too much

  9. I don’t like acronyms (though I feel tempted to use them myself often to save time, I find them alienating to teammates outside of the immediate orbit of the team using said acronym)

  10. I hate slides. I prefer docs. Even for reviews. Much easier to think clearly / holistically IMO.


Self-perceived strengths:

  1. Clear documentation / goal setting / communication

  2. Big picture thinking / strategy / framing trade-offs

  3. Coordinating across large groups of stakeholders / execution

  4. Contributing to improving org-wide processes

  5. Mentoring junior folks and writing for broader benefit


Self-perceived areas to improve (I’m excited to grow more through all of your feedback!):

  1. I bias towards action and ship emails/posts quickly. My intent is never to exclude teammates from decision-making but I have sometimes inadvertently moved too fast for some teammates to weigh in

  2. While I perceive myself as primarily extroverted and community-oriented, I’ve noticed I don’t prioritize explicit social time during work that doesn’t come naturally during meetings

  3. I talk too fast :)

  4. Balancing being accommodating / personable with being assertive / direct

  5. I think I’m decent at asking the right questions to get deep into technical details, but could always improve a ton in how deeply I understand the eng side of what we’re building together

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